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Discover the Holy Text at especially low prices in the LOGO Online-Shop. Whether as a special gift, Child's Bible, or in an extraordinary format - purchase the book of all books at a great price!

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Bible Offers: Purchase the Book of all Books at a great Price

The Bible is the most important book in Christianity and is the foundation of all other texts. If you would like to buy a bible and are looking for a particularly great price, then one of our Bible offers from LOGO's range is the right choice. You can acquire older editions or discontinued prints at particularly attractive Online-Order prices.

Order the Bible at a low Price in different Editions

Ordering a Bible at a low price is ideal for a number of occasions. Alongside private Bible study at home an inexpensive purchase of the Bible is handy for the following purposes:

• For organising Church services
• For congregational work
• For lessons in schools
• As gifts for friends

In LOGO's range you'll find even more Christian books covering a number of topics at attractive prices. You can also order special editions of the book of all books from LOGO at a great price. For example, pick up your next Lutheran Bible as one of the most well-known translations or order a more traditional Bible.

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