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Serviettes Star Motif Red

Red serviettes, in packs of 16 with a motif ... zur vollständigen Produktbeschreibung
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Red serviettes, in packs of 16 with a motif of the star . The perfect decoration for... more
"Serviettes Star Motif Red"

Red serviettes, in packs of 16 with a motif of the star. The perfect decoration for Christmas. The motif is made up of the star over Bethlehem, underneath is the Nativity Scene with Jesus, Mary, Josef the shepherd and the three wise men – the most important symbols of Christmas time.

These lovely serviettes aren’t only a lovely decoration for at home but also for the congregation and at work. The motif speaks for itself. Here, laying the table will be twice as fun and the food tastes that little bit better.

"Serviettes Star Motif Red"
33 x 33 cm
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