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Many well-known painters focus intensively on Christian themes. Here at LOGO, you'll find books, cards, certificates and candles which are designed with wonderful motifs from renowned artists. Religious gifts with that special something!

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Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay (880232) Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay
The motif was designed by the famous Christian artist Anne Fischer . A pin as a confession of faith for confirmees, Church organisers, those celebrating birthdays, golden or silver anniversaries or for communion as well as colleagues and...
€1.99 *
Baptism Candle Dove large (852025) Baptism Candle Dove large
A Baptism candle with a dynamic and stimulating design . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is supposed to accompany the person being baptised and illuminate their future path to God. Traditionally it’s lit on an...
From €5.39 *
Candle with Rainbow Cross (851146) Candle with Rainbow Cross
This lovely, colourful candle’s motif was designed by renowned Christian artist Anne Fischer . The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made a covenant with Noah and sealed this with the symbol of the...
From €2.99 *

The Bible as a Source of Inspiration for Christian Artists

The Bible and Christian motifs have always been a rich source of inspiration for religious artists. You'll find a wide range of candles, cards, Bibles, jewellery and other religious gifts from the Christian LOGO Online-Shop which Christian artists have designed.

By far the most well renowned Christian artist in modernity is Marc Chagall for whom the Bible portrayed the "richest poetic source of all time". His enchanting, luminous yet profound Christian images present the inspiration for a myriad of original Christian gifts - notably the Bible with images by Marc Chagall as well as the Chagall Bible for children which offer a colourful wealth of Christian motifs presented in high-quality. Because of this, LOGO has a collection of Chagall Bibles to choose from. From the elaborately designed edition deluxe to great value special editions alongside introductions to his works, certificates of Baptism and certificates for godparents.

Alongside this, LOGO offers exclusively designed materials for Church services and congregational work as well as religious gifts by modern Christian artists. The renowned Christian artist and silk painter, Anne Fischer, has created wonderful Christian gifts with her own characteristics and a colourful language of images and pictures. Christian candles belong primarily to Anne Fischer's decorations but paper with decorative borders, certificates of Baptism and crosses and crucifixes pendants are also adorned with her rainbow-coloured images.

Children respond particularly well to pictures. With artistically designed everyday objects such as lunch boxes with humorous patterns, stickers, breakfast boards or as well as much more with one the cheerful motifs from the modern Christian artist Werner Tiki Küstermacher, you'll get across more than 1,000 words to the younger ones in the congregation. Also very popular by virtue of their age-appropriate and easy on the eye layout are hymn books for children with CDs or Bible puzzles. As well as being exciting, they convey knowledge about the Bible in a playful and aesthetic way.

For adult art fans, modern Christian artists offer some satisfaction for the eyes and an oasis of spiritual beauty in the middle of the everyday. Whether books about the evocative crossroad in the life of the contemporary Christian artist Sieger Köder or the intricately put together Bible with images from the selfsame painter, they all equally capture biblical scenes in a picture together with the word of God, the soul and the senses.

The lovingly and artistically designed photo albums for Baptisms, weddings and the first Communion are memories of special, formal Church celebrations captured in pictures by Sieger Köder.

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