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Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay (880232) Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay
The motif was designed by the famous Christian artist Anne Fischer . A pin as a confession of faith for confirmees, Church organisers, those celebrating birthdays, golden or silver anniversaries or for communion as well as colleagues and...
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Candle with Rainbow Cross (851146) Candle with Rainbow Cross
This lovely, colourful candle’s motif was designed by renowned Christian artist Anne Fischer . The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made a covenant with Noah and sealed this with the symbol of the...
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Anne Fischer - A creative Artist for LOGO

The artistic side of the LOGO Online-Shop is hardly imaginable without the works of Anne Fischer. The artist, born in 1974, enriches our offers with a special Intarsia technique with candle wax. The finished pieces of art beautify many of the products from our Online-Shop and invite you to order fascinating and unique artistic products online.

Discover and order Works from the Artist Anne Fischer online

Among the highlights Anne Fischer’s artwork in our range are the creative designs of Baptism candles which become colourful eye-catchers for a lifetime. Alongside these, you'll find other pieces of art by Anne Fischer at LOGO, for example in some of these formats:

• Paper with decorative borders
• Wedding certificates
• Certificates for godparents
• Candles with religious symbols

All artistic works have Anne Fischer's distinctive style and combine a massive artistic freedom with unmistakable Christian symbolism. In the LOGO Online-Shop you can order books, calendars and more from prominent artists such as Marc Chagall to colourfully enrich your Christian life. Complimenting this, you'll also find Bibles and literary works from LOGO about personalities such as Francis of Assisi which invite you to order from our Online-Shop again and again.

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