Christian Role Models and Personalities

Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Marc Chagall and Matthias Claudius are important personalities who broke new ground. Their works have left their mark. To this day we can recognise God's activity from it.

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Men and Women as Role Models for the Christian Faith

Christian role models bring faith closer to people in a way without equal. They show the depth which a connection to God can embody, as well as the doubt which challenges every Christian from time to time. Christian role models are an essential building block for religious education and congregational work to make the reality and power of the word of God clear.

Modern Christian role models make the relevance of the Bible immediately clear. Alongside this, Christian personalities such as Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi or Martin Luther are also extraordinarily fascinating from a biographical and historical standpoint. Not least, Christian women can be amazing role models for girls and young women.

LOGO, the Christian Online-Shop, offers a collection of books, texts and standing calendars with the introduction of the works and words of Christian personalities. In his lifetime, Martin Luther was most certainly a rich source of inspiration.

Alongside these, LOGO offers picture books, biographies, music and amusement about the great reformer, Martin Luther. Among this is naturally also the Lutheran Bible in intricate and unique special editions, exquisitely illustrated and beautifully designed.

Christian women as role models: Here there are exciting historic as well as very modern examples. At LOGO you'll find a collection of volumes about the life and work of Mother Teresa, as an example of a Christian personality, who took her very practical energy from the word of God for her world-changing work.

Similarly, practical and well rooted within reality was Brother Roger, the first prior and founder of the monastic fraternity of Taizé. In his words and writings, the enthusiasm for the word of God is nearly tangible. A number of volumes makes his deep spirituality vivid. The same goes for the beautifully designed books about Pope Francis which vibrantly portray this extraordinary man of the Church as a Christian role model. They aren't just forerunners for your congregation members, but also countless inspirations for organising Church services.

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