Ichthys - The Fish with a symbolic Power

The sign of identification for early Christians was the fish. This popular symbol in its various forms shares joy to children at their first Communion, to Confirmees, Seniors, colleagues and congregation members alike!

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Bag – Ichthys (880067) Bag – Ichthys
This lovely shoulder bag with the Christian Ichthys symbol is an ideal companion for the everyday. Bible, pens, pencils and everything else that you need – all in one place – this satchel puts an end to the last minute searching! All the...
From €2.69 *
Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone (880210) Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone
This modern wall cross is an exclusive gift confirmees , first communicant, colleagues, volunteer and those celebrating their birthdays. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
From €4.39 *
Tea Light Holder Rainbow Made of Soap Stone mixed (880430) Tea Light Holder Rainbow Made of Soap Stone mixed
A potpourri of Christian symbolism! The fish (Ichthys) and the candle light represent Jesus, the rainbow colour stands for God’s love for us. Each fish made of soap stone is a unique piece. They have been made by hand in Kenya and are...
From €4.75 *
Cross Pendant Ichthys, Antique-Silver-Tone (880142) Cross Pendant Ichthys, Antique-Silver-Tone
The shape of the cross represents our faith and hope. These precious-metal, antique-silver-tone pendants with 65cm black textile cords are individually packed. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used...
From €3.49 *
Glass Candle Holder “Ichthys” (880446) Glass Candle Holder “Ichthys”
Jesus Christ, lover of life! That’s what this candle holder represents with its Ichthys symbols in different sizes and blue colour. Whether for birthdays, the start of school, Communion or Confirmation, this candle holder is more than...
From €3.50 *
Candle – Joy of my Heart (852038) Candle – Joy of my Heart
Jesus is our light – a bright light that spreads a feeling of safety. Knowing that we’re connected to Jesus through this symbol of Christianity, the Ichthys , creates joy for our hearts. The blue Ichthys on the orange candle is hand...
€2.49 * €3.89 *
Ichthys – Symbol of the Redeemed (880458) Ichthys – Symbol of the Redeemed
Metal Cross made of high-quality zinc in a chrome aesthetic, including black cord (approx. 68cm) with clasp, individually gift wrapped in a transparent bag. The fish wasn’t chosen at random, but rather has two meanings. Firstly, it...
€1.99 * €3.99 *
Red Velvet Bag with Ichthys (WE0001) Red Velvet Bag with Ichthys
A gift sack in a red velvet optic. The bag is 11 x 13.5 cm and can be closed with a cord at the top. It is made out of a soft material in a velvet optic and is decorated with a silver Ichthys on the front. Ideal as a gift bag for small...
From €1.49 *
Glass Fish Candles Small (880062) Glass Fish Candles Small
Candles with assorted wax colours in glass. The distribution of the product is mixed and candles are individually wrapped. A lovely decoration and gift idea. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the...
From €1.70 *
Pin Badge Rainbow Fish (890033) Pin Badge Rainbow Fish
An truly charming profession of faith! The cross with the symbol of the fish. A secret symbol for early Christians. Here as a symbol and expression of Christian love . The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early...
From €1.69 *
Fish Sticker (880045) Fish Sticker
Colourful Ichthys stickers which are suitable for your car. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a secret symbol of recognition . To be sure if present,...
From €1.29 *
Breakfast Board “Ichthys” (UL2579) Breakfast Board “Ichthys”
A lovely breakfast board made of alder wood with a lasered out fish symbol . A fitting gift for young and old. The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a...
From €3.85 *
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The Ichthys - The wonderfully curved Symbol of early Christianity

In the form of a puristically designed fish symbol, this Christian symbol decorates a whole collection of religious gift ideas at LOGO. In connection with the story of the feeding of the 5,000 the fish is a symbol of God's generosity and Jesus' commitment to humanity. At the same time, the wonder of Baptism echoes in every Ichthys.

In recent decades Ichthyses have become more and more a symbol of the Christian faith in their own right. Those who see others or carry the fish symbol themselves know well that they've been accepted into the global community of the faithful. That's why the LOGO Online-Shop offers a myriad of practical everyday bits and pieces with jaunty Ichthys motifs - from robust shoulder bags to towels right down to thermos flasks.

At the same time, the symbol of the fish is also wonderfully decorative and lively which is why children and young people are particularly excited by it. The Christian LOGO Online-Shop has attuned itself with the taste of the young people in the Church. That's why there are cool silicone bracelets and key chains in bright colours with high-quality impressed or engraved fish symbols combined as trendy leather bracelets with an Ichthys engraved plate. Ideal Christian gifts for your youth work.

Children are always excited for practical gifts for nursery, kindergarten or the start of school, whether it's a sports bag with an Ichthys symbol or a sparkling reflector with a rainbow fish symbol that makes a bicycle twice as safe at the same time! School bags, books and pencil cases can be personalised with wonderful decorations with the fish symbol such as rainbow-coloured pencil sharpeners in a variety of colours with Ichthyses on the zips.

The colourful fish stickers and magic towels are also lovingly designed, small religious gifts which are optimal for a huge range of occasions within congregational work. The stickers with the fish symbols also express the everyday connection to the word of God as bumper stickers as well as unique and subtle number plate reinforces made of plastic with Ichthys imprints and the Bible quote "Jesus Christ: The way, the truth and life. John 14.6".

For formal celebrations like Communions or Confirmations, pieces of jewellery from LOGO are ideally suited. Whether golden or silver Ichthys pendants, ceramic medallion, cross or crucifix pendants with engravings - these lively messages of Jesus, worn every day are an active reminder of our own dedication to a living God.

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