Joy for the Heart - Gifts which come from the Heart

Messages with heart for different occasions in the form of key chains and candle jars, on cards, boards and chopping boards as well as in books are symbols and an expression of appreciation. Send them to your friends and loved ones!

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Angel with Heart (880396) Angel with Heart
Angels are a sign that God cares for us with his immense love. Knowing that they act as our companions on all of our paths does good for young and old. This pendant is made of metal and is approximately 1mm wide. The decorations are...
From €1.39 *
Touch Stone – Olive Wood Heart from Palestine (880122) Touch Stone – Olive Wood Heart from Palestine
Putting a smile on someone’s face! Simple and straightforward with a heart touch stone made of olive wood . A small gift for Baptisms, for the speech at weddings, wedding anniversaries, visiting the elderly and ill or as a gift for...
From €2.49 *
Tissues with Heart (940034) Tissues with Heart
Tissues that come from the heart! Not just wonderfully suitable as a gift for those important to us, these tissues are also perfect for weddings, Baptisms, birthdays or also as small get well soon presents . Each pack containts 8 tissues...
€1.49 *
Atmospheric Lights Heart Lighting (840152) Atmospheric Lights Heart Lighting
Atmospheric lights made of veneered wood , wonderfully coloured. Tea light glass included but no tea light. Our hand crosses are produced in the workshops in Bethel. These are specially produced products in high-quality and are just as...
€6.50 *
Porcelain Figure “Angel with Heart” (BB2-640101) Porcelain Figure “Angel with Heart”
This lovingly designed porcelain figure “angel with heart” enthuses with its beautiful little details such as the broadly spread wings. This porcelain angel is holding a large heart as a symbol of love. With a size of 5.5 x 6 x 3 cm,...
From €7.50 * €7.90 *
Shape Puncher - Hearts (UL4441) Shape Puncher - Hearts
This heart shape puncher is a robust tool for shape cutting and arts and crafts with a handy trap to catch loose bits of paper. Also perfectly suited for decoration candles or cards.
From €5.85 *

Give Joy from the Heart with LOGO

There are countless occasions to share joy with people with Christian gifts. Gifts for Christmas, for Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations or birthdays. There's no shortage of occasions! A struggle for the right gift however is all too common. That's why you'll find a collection of gift ideas in our Online-Shop to send your loved ones a message with heart.

Many believe you have to bring a particularly large gift to make someone happy. Far from it! Often, it's the small thoughtful gifts which are truly sincere and touch someone's heart - true joy from the heart. Visiting an unwell friend or relative, giving a congratulations card or a bigger thank you can also be good reasons to give someone a lovely little something.

But take the phrase "from the heart" literally and gift someone a heart! From touchstones to candles to greetings cards, you'll find more of these in the shapes of hearts than you could wish for.

Joy on all of your Paths

A beautiful key chain can be a particularly good companion and can truly mean something for the recipient. With the inscription "God is Love" it isn't just a fashion statement on someone's bag or key, but rather an opportunity to bear your faith out into the world. The nice thing is that you’re also sharing joy to others!

An equally very popular gift from the heart are candles, either in the form of hearts or as candle jars. While lighting these, the person will remember your visit and the good wishes which you brought will echo with them. Lighting a candle doesn't only just create a relaxed, cosy and celebratory atmosphere but also in a religious conception symbolises the soul which shines in the darkness. It also symbolises the resurrection of Jesus Christ who came as a light into the world and drove away the darkness. In this way, you're gifting a meaningful symbol with a candle which the recipient will most certainly be very grateful for.

Many are touched by a quite simple gift which you can hold in your hand and is truly tangible. Because of this, true joy for the heart can be gifted by underpinning lovely wishes with a touch stone. Give hearts as signs of love, affection and appreciation with gifts from the LOGO Online-Shop.

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