Marc Chagall

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Marc Chagall - Christian Works in an artistic Format

Marc Chagall is among the most well renowned artists of the 20th Century who enriched the world through colour and imaginative motifs. Many Marc Chagall pictures are a magical eye-catcher for Bibles as well as many books which are artistically made all the more special through motifs by the Russian painter. Discover how Christian works are given a particular flair with Marc Chagall's art and cast a gaze at other Christian artists in this category from LOGO.

Connect Works from Marc Chagall with Christian Content

In different phases of his work, Marc Chagall focused on stories and scenes from the Bible which are simply visually fantastic in a Marc Chagall Bible. Have a look through this category and get to know different works with Christian backgrounds by Marc Chagall, for example:

• Chagall Bibles as standard- or anniversary editions
• The Marc Chagall Bible for children
• In the tracks of Marc Chagall

Browsing through the individual products in this category you’ll quickly be able to see the differences and nuisances and find just the right Bible with images by Marc Chagall for your Church services, Bible circles or your own private reading.

Intertwining Christianity and Art in a creative Way

Alongside the creative diversity from Marc Chagall, we offer picture booklets or illustrated books by prominent Christian artists such as Sieger Köder or Werner Tiki Küstenmacher. Perhaps the special designs will move you to get a Bible and related readings so that you find some new inspirations for your Christian life.

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