Pilgrimages - Books and Keepsakes for Pilgrimages

The significance of pilgrimages excites more and more people. It's an amazing opportunity to give spirituality more room in your life. Here you'll find prayers, scallop shells of Saint James, guidebooks and other aids for along the way.

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Scallop Shells of St. James – Take on Blessings (888913) Scallop Shells of St. James – Take on Blessings
Scallop shells such as these were carried and worn by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela , the final resting place of St. James the Greater, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus . They were thereby under special protection...
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Atmospheric Light “Way of St. James” (840157) Atmospheric Light “Way of St. James”
A beautiful tea light made of oiled veneered wood . Contains a tea light glass but no tea light. People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel. In Bethel’s various institutions more...
€6.50 *
Slate Magnet “Scallop Shell of St. James” (BB2-154033) Slate Magnet “Scallop Shell of St. James”
The practical companion , the two-tone green shellfish, as a magnet on a slate plate tells us “ God accompanies us on the path of life and thereby we can feel protected and safe”. Consequently, every pilgrim owned a scallop shell just...
From €7.55 * €7.95 *

Pilgrimages - On your Pilgrimage with LOGO

With LOGO you'll find bronze pendants as valuable companions, books with useful tips for the famous Way of St. James as well as other pilgrim paths. Pilgrimages have been rediscovered by the masses. Many people are coming learning more about many forms of pilgrimage. Individuals and groups from multiple congregations hit the road together, look for new pilgrim trails and discover old pilgrimage spots again, be they close by or pilgrimage destinations further afield.

Pilgrimage - Books and Products surrounding Pilgrimages

For many Christians, pilgrimages have become a possibility to come to peace and rediscover their faith in recent years. The Way of St. James, a network of pilgrim trails, attracts Christians and non-Christians to gather unique experiences together in particular. The books in this category help you to understand the fascination about going on pilgrimages and offer valuable inspirations if you would like to hit the road yourself.

Going on Pilgrimages - More than a Trend for Christians

Many Christians use pilgrimage as an opportunity to escape the everyday and reflect on their faith and themselves. Of course, there are renowned pilgrimage sites throughout Europe such as the northern Spanish Santiago di Compostela. What is different about pilgrimages, however, is that the journey itself is the goal and ideally offers insights which would never have come without embarking on this experience. Going on a pilgrimage is an extraordinary physical challenge which has meditative phases and is often undertaken alone as opposed to with a group. Discover where going on pilgrimages is particularly worthwhile and what you should consider while planning your pilgrimage with the LOGO Online-Shop.

Inspirations about Pilgrimages are waiting for You

With the right literature from the LOGO Online-Shop you'll prepare your pilgrimage optimally and find out which routes best fit you from the standpoint of your fitness and the amount of time you can dedicate. Additionally, you'll find other exciting titles which offer you practical support for your time on the pilgrimage from LOGO. For example:

• Accommodation and Restaurants along the pilgrimage routes
• Questions and intellectual inspirations for your pilgrimage
• The religious significance of pilgrimages
• Decorative objects such as scallop shells of Saint James

If you aren't going on your pilgrimage alone then you'll find other inspirations surrounding the most well-known places of pilgrimage in Europe from LOGO. Browse through our inspirations for a journey to the Monastery in Taizé or take some inspirations for how you can properly organise fasting at home or during your pilgrimage.

LOGO - Your Online Partner for Christian Gift Ideas

Books about the Way of St. James and other pilgrim paths are popular gifts which you can make both Christian and non-Christian friends happy with. Accompanying this, you'll find a wide spectrum of Christian literature in the LOGO Online-Shop which offers you valuable inspirations about your faith at home as well. With LOGO, you can buy your next Bible or gain other perspectives of your faith with other Christian books. Quick delivery and attractive ordering prices are also naturally assured from LOGO.

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