The Reformation & Reformers

Reformers have shaped Christian development over the centuries. Learn more about Luther, Hus and other personalities who partially divided the Church but nonetheless had positive influences.

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Pin Badge – Luther Rose (880196) Pin Badge – Luther Rose
A lovely pin badge with a Luther Rose motif . A pin badge as a profession of faith for all confirmees and Church members, those celebrating their birthdays, gold and silver weddings anniversaries as well as Confirmations and for...
From €2.65 *
Wooden Cross Luther Rose (880405) Wooden Cross Luther Rose
These lovely wooden cross with an exquisite Luther Rose motif makes for an eye-catcher with a Christian message. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as the symbol of faith, as a...
€11.95 *
Luther Cookie Cutter (LU3A07) Luther Cookie Cutter
Bake biscuits and cookies with a special companion. Therein lies the fun and it makes for fantastic conversation pieces. In this way you can bring the topic of the Reformation to the table in the truest sense of the word. “Our loving God...
€6.90 *

The Reformation is to this day one of the biggest Topics in Christianity

It isn't just Martin Luther and his 95 theses (which are naturally also available in a commented edition and as a poster from LOGO) which has stood the test of time as a great reformer and reformation movement in the Church's history. More complex personalities such as Jan Hus, Matrin Luther, John Calvin, John Wycliff or Paul Gehardt are also worth Christian contemplation as they all contributed to the form and spread of the modern faith.

Exciting audio books, biographical portraits and critical contemplation about the relationship of Luther and Germany. In our Christian Online-Shop you'll find a widely diverse selection of literature about the Reformation, its founding father and the huge breaks which have shaped the history of the Church.

For congregational work the LOGO range also offers a number of books about the Reformation, exciting impulses and historical inspirational reads which are also perfectly suited for reading or discussion clubs. These reach from deep historic introductions to pleasant to read, exciting assembled histories for the curious.

Naturally the topic of "Reformation" is very complex. All the more important that it's presented for children and young people in an understandable and exciting way. That's why LOGO's Christian Online-Shop has selected a wide range of picture books, puzzle books and even board games surrounding Luther as well as others. These don't just help parents, educators and congregation members as starting points for discussion, but all of us. They also invite us to get closer to the reformers and the time of the reformation in an interactive and playful way with lively activities. Particularly suitable for work with children and youth work in the congregation. "Be brave!", God's support is on your side and is an invitation which has never been more current than now.

The Lutheran Bible is inextricably linked to the Reformation. At LOGO, we offer the Lutheran Bible revised for 2017 in limited first editions with book slipcases designed by prominent figures. The collector’s edition is also an optically and aesthetically fascinating way to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and is the perfect gift for book collectors and Bible lovers. The Lutheran Bible represents today, as it did before this magnificent anniversary edition, the classical wedding Bible and a trusted alter Bible. School Bibles and congregation Bibles are also available as reviewed editions for the year 2017.

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