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Baptism Candle Dove large (852025) Baptism Candle Dove large
A Baptism candle with a dynamic and stimulating design . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is supposed to accompany the person being baptised and illuminate their future path to God. Traditionally it’s lit on an...
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Stefanie Bahlinger: Christian Motifs with magical Charm

For many Christians, their faith becomes more vivid and tangible through works of art and picture motifs. For the artist Stefanie Bahlinger, transforming her own Christian experience into great images is the focus. From Christian motif cards to breakfast boards all find their place in the LOGO Online-Shop and are here to enrich your Christian life too.

Get to know the Diversity of Motifs by Stefanie Bahlinger

The inspirational and loving motifs by Stefanie Bahlinger fit every situation in Christian life. Motifs such as angels and guardian angels are brought to life with soft and subtle colours and become companions throughout Christian life. Christian candles are also among the artistically designed products which make for very aesthetic companions for a lifetime. More gift ideas from the world of Stefanie Bahlinger's motifs are:

• Certificates for Baptisms
• Candle jars with cards
• Paper with decorative borders
• Booklets for godparents

Various artistic products fall into a consistent design and style. In this way you can order lovely gifts for Baptisms and other artistic products by Stefanie Bahlinger in sets and transform these into particularly special eye-catchers.

Get to know Christian Authors and Artists in the LOGO Online-Shop

The range in the LOGO Online-Shop includes many Christian artists who produce works of art for all facets of faith. From attractive book designs to everyday products such as cards and guardian angels, you'll find the right gift ideas for your friends and congregation members. LOGO is there to offer a huge selection of artistic products, exciting Christian readings and other gift ideas at great prices.

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