The LOGO-Team



Executive Management – Bianka Maier



A boss with heart!

Miss Maier has been leading LOGO since its second generation.
Her guiding principle is based on the Christian message.
The wellbeing of her colleagues and the happiness of the customers are of great importance to her.
Together with her dog, Nanook, she brings joy and variety into the everyday!

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-10

Secretariat – Heike Reusch



An organisational talent without equal!

Mrs. Reusch has a solution for every question and a path to fulfill every aspiration!
The joy of life is her motto which she radiates with her honest and magnetically friendly personality.
She’s a true asset to our team with her approach to life and its Christian foundations.

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-10

Order Management – Esther Maibach



The friendly voice on the phone!

Here, friendliness and efficiency combine.
With her uplifting personality she transports joy over the phone. She is an effective contact person for your orders and for questions about LOGO’s range.
Her undivided attention during every phone call is guaranteed!

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-32

Order Management – Ralph Schincke

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My life should be exciting!

An office administrator who has data protection as well as the care and optimisation of our Online-Shop in sight. A task, which he goes about in a very “sporty” way because he loves discovering something new. Sometimes excited and deeply analytic, sometimes quiet and reflective, in this way he is a massive support for our LOGO-Team.

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-14

Apprentice – Dennis Ghori



Always highly concentrated!

“Find the career that fits you” – he came to LOGO with this purpose. After a short internship is was obvious, an apprenticeship as an office administrator for office management was the perfect fit.
He was particularly warmly welcomed into the team in order acceptance and is pleasantly surprised by the many opportunities for development which are possible here. This spurs him on to give his absolute best every day.
If he keeps it up, success will certainly be on his side!

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-15

Produktion – Katharina Schmidt



She’s bubbling with ideas!

She combines her refreshing and creative personality with her living faith, and this is reflected in our products.
It’s very important for her that the Good News is brought to people in an appealing way – from one Christian to another.

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-26

Production – Margit Junk



She can move mountains – Where work’s concerned :)

As a communications designer, she’s in exactly the right place in our team with her creative and refreshingly Christian manner.
She shows her talents with the design of our website, in the social media department as well as when designing prospectuses, catalogues and flyers.
She loves her job and we love her!!

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-26

Production – Janina Arndt



A creative power woman in start-up mode!

With the excitement of a new start she joined our team! She passed her internship with flying colours and is now ready to get going! As a colleague she strengthens our team. She is a “jack of all trades” when it comes to designing our printed media and our digital content – All sorts of programmes are her playground. An inspirational colleague and truly on the pulse of current trends.
Quality work is her trademark!

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-26

Apprentice – Joelina Wolf



On the hunt for her dream job!

At 17 you still have dreams… and that’s exactly how it should be! It’s always nicer when you can make them reality though. And so, at the age of 18 Joelina made her way to LOGO. Painting and creativity in harmony with a fulfilling career – that’s what she’s found at LOGO. During her 3-year apprenticeship she’s been striving everyday towards her dream of being a media designer.
Life is colourful, picturesquely beautiful and is full of opportunities to design.
Yes!!! Here’s a good place to be at LOGO!

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-26

Warehouse Management – Jens Hilger



Our warehouse is his living room!

He loves his role and has fun with his job.
His incredible organisational talent is what’s to thank for our orders being sent out on time.
While doing all this he’s also the training manager for our apprentices.

Telephone: 02622 / 1202-29

Apprentice – Jens Hoppen



If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Jens Hoppen is undertaking an apprenticeship as a warehouse clerk at LOGO thanks to the support from the ’Berufsbildungswerk’ (BBW), an organisation supporting young people in need of additional support. We accept his skills and his limitations and encourage him to develop his gifts and talents.
With his quiet and gentle nature, nothing can bring him down or stress him out. This is an enormous help for our team at hectic times because we can only deliver our orders promptly and correctly with fantastic teamwork.
We’re counting on him and have every confidence that he’s going to achieve his goals!

Apprentice – Ahmad Ziab



Finally, just the right thing!

Choosing your career path is certainly one of the most important and difficult decisions for young people. “I don’t know what I should do …” – often doesn’t help much. But rather the encouragement “You’ll find it, you’ve just got to start looking!” – And for that, you certainly need some courage and stamina.
This phase is now over for Ahmad. He comes to work every day with joy and is excited to be working towards his apprenticeship as a warehouse clerk at LOGO.
Happiness suits him – and we’re sure he’s going to get his thing done!

Shipment – Mahmud Ziab



The bedrock of LOGO!

With a great deal of commitment, he’s been carefully packing your orders day-by-day for many years.
He’s roles up his sleeves wherever another pair of hands is needed.
No package is "too heavy” for him and each and every single one comes from the heart.

Warehouse- and Company Rascal – Nanook


Every company needs a rascal!

Let me introduce myself: My name’s Nanook.
As LOGO’s resident dog I keep my "flock" together and on the go.

No one can resist my open and friendly nature.
You can find out more about me on my Facebook Page!