Pins & Badges with Christian Motifs

The pins and needles feeling of joy that comes with faith is something we all enjoy! With the Christian pins from LOGO you can pin symbols with the joy of faith onto yourself and others. Choose from colourful enamel or metal motifs.

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Pin Badge Rainbow Fish (890033) Pin Badge Rainbow Fish
An truly charming profession of faith! The cross with the symbol of the fish. A secret symbol for early Christians. Here as a symbol and expression of Christian love . The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early...
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Gift Pouch Rainbow (920005) Gift Pouch Rainbow
This lovely gift box made of stirdy cardboard offers lots of space for a variety of gifts with its appealing shape and is decorated with a friendly " Rainbow “ motif. Give one of our many cross necklases or wall crosses, for example.
ab €0.49
Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay (880232) Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay
The motif was designed by the famous Christian artist Anne Fischer . A pin as a confession of faith for confirmees, Church organisers, those celebrating birthdays, golden or silver anniversaries or for communion as well as colleagues and...
ab €1.89
Pin Badge – Guardian Angel (880231) Pin Badge – Guardian Angel
A companion that can be placed beautifully on bags and pieces of clothing so that you can bring and angel with you on all of your paths. A beautiful gift for every occasion that says more than a thousand words. A pin badge as a...
ab €1.29
Pin Badge Fish Golden (880195) Pin Badge Fish Golden
A golden pin badge as a profession of faith for confirmees, those working within the Church, those celebrating birthdays as well as volunteers and colleagues from your congregation. Faith makes life lively! The cross with the symbol of...
ab €3.80
Pin Badge Fish Silver (880194) Pin Badge Fish Silver
Faith makes life lively! The cross with the symbol of the fish. A secret symbol for early Christians. Here as a symbol and expression of Christian love. The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the...
ab €3.80
Pin Badge – Luther Rose (880196) Pin Badge – Luther Rose
A lovely pin badge with a Luther Rose motif . A pin badge as a profession of faith for all confirmees and Church members, those celebrating their birthdays, gold and silver weddings anniversaries as well as Confirmations and for...
ab €3.65
Metal Pin Badge Ichthys (880183) Metal Pin Badge Ichthys
Enamel metal pin badge in high-quality. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a secret symbol of recognition . To be sure if present, unknown people were...
ab €3.65
St. Christopher Plaque (BB2-54885) St. Christopher Plaque
This plaque with St. Christopher is an ideal gift for drivers and those travelling, as well as being something for yourself. It is made of silver coloured metal with decorative blackening: This gives it an antique look and emphasises the...
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Christian Badges for every Occasion

Badges make great little gifts for every occasion and are perfect for wearing yourself. However, they don’t just for lovely eye-catchers. They subtly express a connection to the Christian faith. With either a needle or a button they're easy to attach to clothing and to wear for different occasions. Is a Confirmation or Communion coming up? Send them alongside a congratulations card with your blessings and a cross or fish pin. The badges from the LOGO Online-Shop are only a few of the many pieces of jewellery in our range. Alongside the aforementioned religious symbols, you'll also find Christian pins in the form of angels or with the Luther Rose. The fish is naturally still among the most popular of the badges. These high-quality pieces of jewellery in silver or gold look fantastic, particularly at special celebrations and don't just upgrade your outfit, but they also express your religious bond in a graceful way.

Lovely Gifts for Young and Old

As a gift for Confirmee, a modern button with a cross is particularly suitable. Psalm 23 teaches us how attentively God cares and provides for us. This message should guide us towards peace and should fill the hearts of young and old alike. With such a small but meaningful gift you'll quite surely put a smile on the Confirmee’s face and pass something on which will always remind them of their initiation and confirmation into the Christian congregation.

For children and young people, the multicoloured badges are also suitable as beautiful accessories. The badges are easy to combine with everyday clothing and therefore it’s easier to wear your faith proudly in your everyday. The pins from the LOGO Online-Shop can be gifted for any occasion. Be it Communion, Confirmation, Christmas or weddings! You'll share joy with each and every religious person, young or young at heart, with one of our pins or badges. Whichever badges you like the best in our range, you'll quite confidently find a fitting present or a new pieces of jewellery for yourself!