Angel Gifts, Guardian Angels & Angel Figures

The LOGO Online-Shop offers a wide range of products surrounding the topic of angels. Here you’ll find books, crosses, crucifixes, bronze figures in all shapes and sizes, glass and felt pendants, slate decorations, candle jars, gift sets for numerous occasions, touch stones made of wood or bronze, cards for a number of occasions such as birthdays, grieving, Christmas and illness. Angels are constant companions because they are messengers of God and messengers of life.

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Key Chain Angel (880114) Key Chain Angel
Angels are the messengers of God that always accompany us. These aluminium alloy key chains with a width of 0.5cm make this support visible. The angels are individually wrapped in film. Often it’s the little things where our faith...
ab €1.99
Angel with Heart (880396) Angel with Heart
Angels are a sign that God cares for us with his immense love. Knowing that they act as our companions on all of our paths does good for young and old. This pendant is made of metal and is approximately 1mm wide. The decorations are...
ab €1.59
Pin Badge – Guardian Angel (880231) Pin Badge – Guardian Angel
A companion that can be placed beautifully on bags and pieces of clothing so that you can bring and angel with you on all of your paths. A beautiful gift for every occasion that says more than a thousand words. A pin badge as a...
ab €1.29
Angel Felt Coaster (LO0061) Angel Felt Coaster
All angels have a message for us. In this case it could simply be “ You are loved by God ” These felt coasters are a feast for the eyes on your table or at congregational celebrations. At the same time they’re also a lovely and...
ab €1.69
Angel with LED Tea Light (LO0071) Angel with LED Tea Light
God makes sure that there are good companions on all of our paths. This precious angel made of porcelain radiates warmheartedness in a soft light. LED Light included! Angel Size: 7.5 × 6 × 9 cm LED-Tea light Size: Ø approx. 3.5 cm,...
ab €3.99 €5.95 *
Angel soapstone natural (LO0483) Angel soapstone natural
Angels are God's invisible helpers in everyday life. Angels accompany, protect, help and spread their wings, because God has commanded them to protect us on all our paths. Martin Luther often preached about angels and included them in...
ab €4.85
Christmas proclamation angel red (LO0395) Christmas proclamation angel red
Christmas angels announce the good news to us humans. With this decorative angel made of felt, you can pass on heavenly Christmas joy in your environment . Whether in kindergarten, in school, for confirmation students, women's groups, in...
ab €2.99
Light Time “Angel” Porcelain (BB2-640074) Light Time “Angel” Porcelain
Porcelain angel figure. A particularly elegant Christmas decoration made of high-quality ceramic with an LED-light and wire to be hung up. The LED atmospherically illuminates the angel, the warm white light is radiated through the...
ab €6.55 €6.95 *
Key Chains Key Chains "Angel“
Angels are the messengers of God and powerful companions . They are symbols of joy and always there for us. A lovely gift for young and old. Whether as a small surprise for Birthdays, as a Thank You, as a Get Well Soon gesture or simply...
ab €5.55
Key Chains “Angels“ with Blue Rubber Strap (2-51970) Key Chains “Angels“ with Blue Rubber Strap
This metal key chain “angel“ with a blue rubber strap is perfect as a powerful companion. A lovely gift for young and old. Whether as a small surprise for Birthdays, as a Thank You, as a Get Well Soon gesture or simply as an...
ab €5.55
Doll Set Christmas (881115) Doll Set Christmas
Eight-piece bendable doll set in a new collection for creating and telling the story of Christmas . The bendable dolls can be manipulated into any position needed. You can strikingly create and tell the Christmas story with them. An...
Key Chain “Angel“ with Red Strap (2-51971) Key Chain “Angel“ with Red Strap
Angels are a symbol of joy and are always there for us. This key chain with a red natural rubber strap reminds us of this. A lovely gift for young and old. Whether as a small surprise for birthdays, as a Thank You, as a Get Well Soon...
ab €5.55
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Angels - Discover God’s Messengers as loving Gift Ideas

Angels possess a symbolic power which is cherished worldwide and transcends far beyond the Christian faith. While angels and other angel figures can be found as messengers of God in many places in the Bible, their characteristic as guardian angels is also well-known among non-Christians. The LOGO Online-Shop has a wide range of products and gift ideas surrounding angels which will be equally interesting for organising Church services or as they will be as a private gift for Christians. Our selection ranges from angel figures to books right down to cards to bring the winged messengers of God into your life!

The Symbolism of Christian Angels & Guardian Angels

In the Bible much is said about angels. The announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christmas story is a fantastic example. Again and again, angels appear and share the wishes and will of God, sometimes in the form of influential figures like the Arch Angel Gabriel or Michael. Nowadays, figures of angels transcend their biblical nature, whereby they’re still connected with the concept of protection and care from the Lord. In this way, guardian angels should symbolise the care and supervision through a higher power as loving, everyday companions. Angel figures like these are often carried as key chains and touch stones to act as a type of talisman and impart safety throughout life.

Discover diverse Products surrounding Angels

In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll find various types of angel figures which have been designed in detail, from wooden angel figures down to figures made of metal. These are offered to you in countless formats and products to allow you to carry the right angel figure with you as a talisman: Among our most popular products with angelic charm are:

• Angel pendants
• Angel figures
• Angel decorations
• Angels necklaces and chains

Many of our angels have a characteristic portrayal in the same vein as they are known from biblical stories and iconography. Their portrayals make for loving gift ideas for children and young people and are portrayed age-appropriately. Just have a look through LOGO’s range and find angel figures which will fulfill your expectations for your Church work or as decorative gifts.

Purchase other Gift Ideas with Angels and more online

The symbolic meaning of angels is truly diverse. They offer hope, show God’s love and guide us through times of grief and healing. The products from LOGO take hold of this wealth of facets and offer the right type of angel for every occasion along with books and cards in varied designs. You’ll also find Christian candles, candle jars, figurines, Saints and Holy Figures and more decorations which carry Christian motifs alongside angels.