Gifts for Advent

The time leading up to Christmas is supposed to be a cozy time of year. Fitting to these pre-Christmas days LOGO offers you Advent calendars, candles, books, CDs and decorations - A huge selection of Christian gifts for the Advent festivities.

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Nativity Scene made of Olive Wood (888015) Nativity Scene made of Olive Wood
Olive trees grow in the Holy Land. An evergreen tree which can become as much as 2,000 years old. From the Bible we know that Noah’s dove brought back an olive leaf to the ark and that Jesus prayed next to an olive tree , which is still...
From €1.59 * €1.99 *
Olive Wood Nativity Scene with Bark (888017) Olive Wood Nativity Scene with Bark
Festive Christmas tree decorations from Israel which fits beautifully for every Christmas tree. A lovely gift with a timeless motif.
From €1.39 *
Olive Wood Christmas Star (880445) Olive Wood Christmas Star
An invitation to have time for God, time for his message that touches our hearts. The Christmas star is one of the most important Christian symbols. As the brightest star when Jesus was born it led the three wise men to the manger in...
From €1.59 *
Angel with LED Tea Light (LO0071) Angel with LED Tea Light
God makes sure that there are good companions on all of our paths. This precious angel made of porcelain radiates warmheartedness in a soft light. LED Light included! Angel Size: 7.5 × 6 × 9 cm LED-Tea light Size: Ø approx. 3.5 cm,...
From €3.99 *
Light Moments Porcelain “House” (BB2-640075) Light Moments Porcelain “House”
It’s so cute when there’s a sweet little house over the plates or nut crackers! With this house made of matt, white, wintery ceramic you’ll round of your decorations at home. The house is delivered with an LED-light and a wire to hang...
From €6.55 * €6.95 *
Light Time “Angel” Porcelain (BB2-640074) Light Time “Angel” Porcelain
Porcelain angel figure. A particularly elegant Christmas decoration made of high-quality ceramic with an LED-light and wire to be hung up. The LED atmospherically illuminates the angel, the warm white light is radiated through the...
From €6.55 * €6.95 *
Light Moments Light Moments "Snow Flake"
This vibrant snow bauble made of precious white wintery ceramic including LED-lighting. It radiates a festive aura. Light provides for wonderful comfort and reminds us to reflect a moment and to relax , particularly in the twilight of...
From €9.55 * €9.95 *
Chipboard Star Small 12.5cm (880278) Chipboard Star Small 12.5cm
It was a star that led the wise men to the manger. In particular at Christmas time, stars accompany us and decorate streets and houses. They represent Jesus, the bright and morning star . A decorative, hand-crafted piece of Christmas...
From €3.65 *
Light Moments Porcelain Light Moments Porcelain "Star"
This unusual piece of star decoration with a wire to be hung up is made of fine porcelain creates a festive and atmospheric ambiance. The light breaks through the star shaped pattern on the outside. LED don’t emit UV-light or radiate...
From €6.55 * €6.95 *
Doll Set Christmas (881115) Doll Set Christmas
Eight-piece bendable doll set in a new collection for creating and telling the story of Christmas . The bendable dolls can be manipulated into any position needed. You can strikingly create and tell the Christmas story with them. An...
€55.00 *
Tea Light Holder with Star Décor (840174) Tea Light Holder with Star Décor
Sturdy tea light holder in a Christmassy design. The 7 x 7cm large tea light is made of transparent plastic and decorated with light grey stars made of fabric. The circular opening at the top of tea light holder allows tea lights to...
€3.99 * €7.95 *
Krippe in Wurzel aus Olivenholz (UL6552) Krippe in Wurzel aus Olivenholz
Eine sehr schöne Krippe aus Olivenholz aus Israel/Bethlehem. Das besondere sie ist in Handarbeit entstanden und gefertigt aus einer Wurzel, daher kann der Artikel von dieser Abbildung variieren. Ein echter Hingucker mal was ganz anderes.
From €18.49 *
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Small Gifts for Advent

For us Christians Advent is a particularly special time. Waiting for the birth of Jesus, the worldly incarnation of God, is a time of reflection. You'll find lots of decorations and gift ideas with LOGO: Cards, books, the indispensable Advent calendars for big and small, candles and decorative pendants. Get inspired for arts and crafts, decorations and to contemplate the coming miracle of Jesus’ birth.

Advent - Discover truly varied Gifts from LOGO

Advent awakens a joyful anticipation for the birth of Jesus Christ and the Christmas festival. Like in the case of many Christian celebrations and festivals, it is common to share small Advent presents and thereby to get other followers of the faith into the Christmas spirit. You'll find an attractive selection of readings and other gifts for Advent in the LOGO Online-Shop which are suitable for congregational work or as small thoughtful gifts for friends and relatives.

Advent and its Significance in Christianity

The term "Advent" stems from Latin and means "Arrival". What's meant by this is the arrival of the Son of God on the Holy Night which Christians the world over prepare for a number of weeks in advance. Additionally, the new Church Year begins on the 1st day of Advent and as early as this small Advent gifts are popular.

Gift ideas and small thoughtful presents for Advent represent reflection, awakening and the personal contemplation of the Christian faith. Alongside books as gifts for Advent for adults, smaller presents for children are suitable so that they too can get closer to Advent and Christmas time through painting, arts and crafts and other activities. With LOGO, you'll find various inspirations for these atmospheric weeks of joyful anticipation. Here, you can also directly order Christmas gifts and Christian cards for friends and colleagues for the last few weeks of the year.

Discover Books and other lovely Gifts for Advent online

Whether books, angels or other lovely presents for Advent - here at LOGO you'll quickly find what you need. In this category, lots of little inspirations are waiting for you which make for great gift ideas for Advent:

• Books about the Message of Christmas
• Calendars with lovely Messages
• Fanfold Paper for Children
• Stars and more Decorations for Advent

Decorative gifts for Advent are particularly inviting when it comes to experiencing the joyous message of Christmas time in your own home and to get into the festive spirit of Christmas. Young and old, big and small with be enthused by our Advent calendars, decorative stars and other decorative products which lend a certain charm as decorations in every Christian households well into the New Year. 

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