First Communion

LOGO has a number of gift ideas to help prepare for this festive day. Our cross necklaces, bracelets, Communion candles and key chains are very popular symbol bearers for all young first communicants.

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Key Chain Angel (880114) Key Chain Angel
Angels are the messengers of God that always accompany us. These aluminium alloy key chains with a width of 0.5cm make this support visible. The angels are individually wrapped in film. Often it’s the little things where our faith...
ab €1.59
Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross (880012) Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A particularly special type of olive wood cross from Palestine . Each cross is individually produced by hand. An exclusive, environmentally friendly gift for colleagues, volunteers, rounds men, women’s circles and much more Olive trees...
ab €2.89
Passepartout (591999) Passepartout
This passe-partout has had a window punched free and so the motif decorative sheets from LOGO can really come into their own. With an A3 format and a fold in the middle to fit as A4 as well this passe-partout as a perfect protective case...
ab €1.15
Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone (880210) Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone
This modern wall cross is an exclusive gift confirmees , first communicant, colleagues, volunteer and those celebrating their birthdays. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
ab €4.69
Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay (880232) Cross Pin with Enamel Overlay
The motif was designed by the famous Christian artist Anne Fischer . A pin as a confession of faith for confirmees, Church organisers, those celebrating birthdays, golden or silver anniversaries or for communion as well as colleagues and...
ab €1.69
Cross Pendant Enamel (880163) Cross Pendant Enamel
This colourful cross pendant with cord with silver details makes for a lovely birthday present , gift for Communion or for a number of other occasions . The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made a...
ab €3.79
Cross Pendant Cross of Nails (880265) Cross Pendant Cross of Nails
Cross of nails – Because of your wounds we are healed. Old-bronze toned, including black cord and clasp. The cross is individually packaged in a transparent bag. A lovely Christian gift for a number of occasions.
ab €3.79
Tissues with Heart (940034) Tissues with Heart
Tissues that come from the heart! Not just wonderfully suitable as a gift for those important to us, these tissues are also perfect for weddings, Baptisms, birthdays or also as small get well soon presents . Each pack containts 8 tissues...
Serviettes Tree Large (940036) Serviettes Tree Large
A decorative serviette which acts like a Christian calling card. The serviettes depict a large, golden tree of life in the centre. Surrounding this there are Christian symbols such as a cross, a chalice, a dove and much more. Whether for...
ab €1.89
Serviettes Rainbow (940012) Serviettes Rainbow
These lovely serviettes aren’t only a lovely decoration for at home but also for the congregation and at work . The motif speaks for itself. Here, laying the table will be twice as fun and the food tastes that little bit better.
Décor Fish Bag with approx. 280 Pieces (972200) Décor Fish Bag with approx. 280 Pieces
Punched out, metallic fish in a number of colours. Contents weigh 14g. Warning: Decorative products can be swallowed, not suitable for children under the age of 3 years .
Leather Bracelet with Cross (880218) Leather Bracelet with Cross
Leather bracelet with metal plate with cross - Colour: Brown - Adjustable-size - Bracelet width approx. 1cm
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Gifts for the First Communion

For many girls and boys, celebrating the first Holy Communion is a big event that connects them to the Catholic Church. To make this special day unforgettable and to help them remember it for many years to come children are often given gifts for the celebration.

Communion - Lovely Gifts for Boys and Girls

Communion is the first significant event in the lives of Catholic boys and girls. As a sacrament following birth and Baptism, the body of Christ is symbolised and thereby the covenant with God and the Faith is renewed. It is common to give boys and girls small gifts for this special occasion and in doing so to give valuable impulses and inspirations for their future as members of the faith. You'll find an attractive selection of small presents here in the LOGO Online-Shop which you can congratulate young people for their first Communion with and highlight to them their importance in the Christian community.

The Significance of Communion in the Catholic Church

Communion is traditionally known as the Eucharist celebration where the faithful receive bread and wine as symbols of the body of Christ. Communion first takes place in childhood and is strengthened once more through Confirmation a few years later. The first Holy Communion is exclusively celebrated in the Catholic Church. In the Protestant Church, a closer connection to God is first celebrated in early adolescence solely through Confirmation.

Boys and girls aren't only more closely connected to the Catholic community through their communion. In fact, it is much more of a festive act, where the younger ones celebrating can be at the heart of family life. In this way, the first communion becomes a personal highlight which young people will fondly look back on for years to come. Gift ideas from the LOGO Online-Shop help to keep this special day forever at the forefront of their memory.

Discover great Gift Ideas for the First Holy Communion

Gift ideas surrounding Communion are age-appropriate and often connect a playful note with the special religious meaning. With our wealth of experience over the years as a Christian Online-Shop, LOGO has an attractive selection of gifts all about first communion ready to go which will excite boys and girls alike. Browse through our Online-Shop and choose from some of the following:

• Games with Christian themes and motifs
• Age-appropriate Children's books about Christian themes
• Calendars with Mottos, Prayers and More
• Candles, Jewellery and other Decorations

While on the search for gifts for the first Communion cast your gaze on LOGO's other categories as well. You'll discover lots of Christian gifts from LOGO which are suitable for big and small, young and old. You can contribute to an atmospheric interior for your home with decorations like Christian candles. Naturally this is also true for Church or your congregation centres. You can also enrich your congregational work with small gifts and decorations. With all of this, the first Communion won't just be an unforgettable experience for your child, but for everyone involved as well!

Don't just send exciting Gifts for the First Communion!

As a varied Online-Shop for everything Christian gift related, here at LOGO you'll find other products which will thrill you throughout the entire Church Year. Alongside our Communion candles, discover other atmospheric candles for birthdays, Advent or Christmas time, for example. We compliment our child-appropriate pieces of jewellery such as cross necklaces and crucifix pendants with similar gift ideas for adults who're maybe a little beyond their own Communions and Confirmations but deserve something thoughtful nonetheless!

As a varied Online-Shop with a long-standing focus on Christian gifts we guarantee you'll be excited by our wide selection and attractive prices!