Rosaries - The classic Prayer Aid

For prayer at home, prayers for the dead, processions and pilgrimages rosaries are a fantastic aid. Especially for devotions in October, the month of the rosary. Whether wooden or stone beads, you can choose your very own personal designs!

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Rosary with Red Glass Pearls (2-49215) Rosary with Red Glass Pearls
The rosary with red glass pearls has been lovingly threaded by hand . A rosary is a life-long companion throughout the everyday! You’ll find rosary chains from LOGO in various designs and compositions from genteel to subtle. A...
ab €8.55
Rosary / Chain with Dark Blue Glass Pearls (2-49216) Rosary / Chain with Dark Blue Glass Pearls
This lovely rosary chain with dark blue glass pearls, metal cross and plaque makes for a real eye-catcher. Rosaries are the most important prayer chains for the faithful and spiritual. Classic rosaries are divided into five segments...
ab €8.55
Rosary with White Glass Pearls (2-49218) Rosary with White Glass Pearls
This traditional rosary doesn’t just have elegant white glass pearls but also a beautiful metallic cross! The rosary has been lovingly threaded by hand and is an ideal companion for the everyday! A traditional rosary has more than 59...
ab €12.55
Knotted Rosary Natural Wood Pearls Round (816004) Knotted Rosary Natural Wood Pearls Round
This walnut wood rosary with a Corpus of Jesus Christ on a wooden cross is a wonderful companion for prayer and devotion. The 59 pearls are in the form of ovals. This rosary is approx. 27cm long.
Leather Rosary Case (700112_713151) Leather Rosary Case
So that you can enjoy your beautiful rosary for a long time protect it in this durable rosary pouch made of leather with a button.
Mary in Shimmering Light (700112_349167) Mary in Shimmering Light
Rosary with dark brown, threaded wooden pearls with a metallic cross pendant . This rosary is approx. 47cm long. Praying intercessory prayers in trust through the Virgin Mary, it gives up strength and upholds us in difficult moments in...
Knotted Decade Rosary (BB3843) Knotted Decade Rosary
Decade rosary knotted wood This subtle ring-shaped decade rosary fits comfortably on your finger and helps you to say your prayers and count them down in the correct order. Thanks to its high-quality wood, this rosary is beautiful on the...
ab €3.60
Decade Rosary Knotted (BB3845) Decade Rosary Knotted
Decade rosary, knotted wood A ring-shaped rosary made of colourful wooden pearls. This little prayer aid is a perfect everyday companion and helps you to say your prayers in the correct order and count them down even through the hustle...
ab €2.60
Decade Rosary Metal (BB7499) Decade Rosary Metal
Metal decade ring This nickel-plated decade rosary doesn’t just act as a subtle piece of jewellery but also as a prayer aid. The decade rosary helps you to count your prayers down wherever you are. With motif of the Lord Jesus Christ on...
ab €3.50
Metal Decade Rosary (BB7500) Metal Decade Rosary
Metal decade rosary A small prayer aid in the form of a little ring. A wonderful alternative to the traditional rosary which isn’t only perfectly suited for your own use but also makes for a wonderfully thoughtful gift idea. A great...
ab €5.55
Rosary Mary Immaculate Conception Blue, in Motif Box (AZ0151) Rosary Mary Immaculate Conception Blue, in...
Mary Immaculate Conception Rosary blue in a motif box. Rosaries are wonderful prayer aids and pieces of Christian jewellery at the same time. A Rosary helps you to say prayers in the right order and to count them down . Thanks to its...
Rosary Merciful Jesus in Red Motif Box (AZ0152) Rosary Merciful Jesus in Red Motif Box
Rosary Merciful Jesus in Red Motif Box Rosaries are perfectly suited as a prayer aid for yourself or as a gift idea to be passed on to others. Rosaries help you to prayer in the right order and to count your prayers down . With its...
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A wide Selection of Rosaries - knotted, linked or soldered

You can shop for chains of rosaries online from LOGO in truly various designs, from the exquisite to the more modest. We have both knotted as well as linked rosaries available. We offer huge flexibility in our different types of beads: Wood, mother of pearl or glass in various colours and sizes. Here, we recommend rosary cases made of leather or metal as a wonderful gift. Gift a rosary for a Baptism or first Communion. 

Exquisite Rosaries - A Piece of Jewellery and a Prayer Chain all in one

The rosary is the most important prayer chain in the Catholic faith and has been used by clergy and those of the faith for centuries. In principle they are a counting chain for the most important Catholic prayers which were said as repentance in years gone by. Nowadays you can purchase and use a rosary as a symbol, a piece of jewellery or as a fantastic prayer aid. A wide variety of classically and contemporarily designed rosaries are waiting for you in the LOGO Online-Shop which can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket as an everyday companion.

The Tradition of Rosaries in the Catholic Church

The rosary stems linguistically and symbolically from the rose garden which forms one of the most important, iconographic portrayals of the Virgin Mary. The traditional rosary, as used by the Catholic clergy for centuries, has over 59 beads. These are typically in different colours and shapes and represent different prayers and songs for giving praise to the Virgin Mary. The three prayers of the counting chain are the "Hail Mary" which is to be prayed thrice, the "Glory be to the Father" prayer, as well as "Our Father".

Classic rosaries are divided into five segments, in which the aforementioned prayers are repeated in the same order. In addition, while purchasing rosaries you'll discover the Cross of Jesus Christ as the final part of the rosary which invites you again to profess your faith. By virtue of our various designs and styles, not only private worshippers can buy and enjoy the beautiful rosaries from LOGO. Priests can also find the suitable rosary for their church work from LOGO, alongside which you can also purchase great value censers and incense for your Church services.

An Aid for the most important Prayers You can't be without

Saying rosary prayers has been one of the most important acts of faith for Catholics world-wide for generations. Before going to bed or in an hour of leisure the rosary is often reached to and, by saying prayers, a closeness to God has been found. Hereby, the Virgin Mary is predominantly praised, who has an immense significance in the Catholic faith than in the Protestant Church.

Alongside its original purpose of saying the most important prayers of the Lord and the Virgin Mary in the correct order, the character of rosaries has changed over the decades. Often, it is worn as a simple symbol and daily companion for profession of the Catholic faith. Rosaries are also a popular gift as a type of touch stone. Here, LOGO also offers crosses and other objects to be fidgeted and played with. Not least, rosaries are beautiful decorations which can be hung up on the walls of Christian living rooms, for example.

Discover Rosary Chains in many decorative Variations

Rosary chains have always been crafted in numerous formats and from different materials. The 50-bead designs offer you an attractive selection when purchasing your rosaries. High-quality rosaries contain genuine pearls and other precious stones, a good value alternative is colourful pearls made of synthetic materials or natural wood. Browsing through the LOGO Online-Shop shows you our whole range and allows you to purchase your next rosary, for example, in these varieties:

• Knotted Rosaries made of vintage Wood
• Rosaries made of Mother of Pearl
• Rosaries with amber-coloured Pearls
• Intricately woven Rosaries

Alongside our regular selection, you'll find dignified rosaries to act as part of the grieving process and work with the bereaved from LOGO. In these subtle designs and styles, the rosary is placed in the hand of the dying on their deathbed by a family member or priest and becomes a valuable symbol of the closeness to God. In the Logo Online-Shop, rosaries of this type are offered with a condolence card enabling you to offer comfort in the darkest hours to the bereaved.

Order your next Rosary at great Value in the LOGO Online-Shop

A rosary is a decorative purchase for life and a lovely gift idea for Baptisms and Communion. If you're looking for further inspirations for Catholic friends or relatives, discover our whole range of books and gift ideas in the LOGO Online-Shop which you can order at fantastic prices from. Alongside rosaries, you can purchase stylish Christian crosses or crucifixes from LOGO which portray just as significant a symbolic meaning for Catholics and can be either hung up or carried in your hand.

If you would like to include further prayers into your everyday or you would like to discover more about your faith then perhaps a Catholic book of praise from the LOGO Online-Shop is just for you. Praying together with children is made into everyday fun with our prayer dice and familiarises boys and girls with the most important short prayers. LOGO is gladly there to help find the right rosary to help make your life as a practising Catholic as active as possible. You can be sure of quick delivery as well as an attractive price with rosaries and all the products in our range!