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Are you looking for a gift or symbol with a message of blessing for a particular occasion which is also pleasant to the touch? You’ll find symbols in the shape of angels, hearts and stones from LOGO - beautifully formed and lightweight in your hand!

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Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross (888018) Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A hand cross made of olive wood in a symbolic shape which represents crossover between an angel and a cross. An environmentally friendly, exclusive gift from Palestine for God parents, parents, grandparents, for recollecting Baptisms as...
ab €2.69
Touch Stone – Olive Wood Heart from Palestine (880122) Touch Stone – Olive Wood Heart from Palestine
Putting a smile on someone’s face! Simple and straightforward with a heart touch stone made of olive wood . A small gift for Baptisms, for the speech at weddings, wedding anniversaries, visiting the elderly and ill or as a gift for...
ab €2.49
Scallop Shells of St. James – Take on Blessings (888913) Scallop Shells of St. James – Take on Blessings
Scallop shells such as these were carried and worn by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela , the final resting place of St. James the Greater, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus . They were thereby under special protection...
ab €1.99
Hand Cross “Fish” (UL2552) Hand Cross “Fish”
This lovely touchstone made of beech wood with a fish motif is a lovely gift for a number of occasions. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as the symbol of faith, as a place...
ab €3.85
Bronze Figure “Your Guardian Angel” (2-116092) Bronze Figure “Your Guardian Angel”
This bronze figure “ Your Guardian Angel ” is perfectly suited as a decoration to be stood as a decoration. A beautiful gift for every occasion which says more than a thousand words. Angels are God’s messengers and a powerful companion....
ab €26.54
Bronze Figure “Angel Of The Joy Of Life” (2-116106) Bronze Figure “Angel Of The Joy Of Life”
This lovely bronze figure “ Angel of the Joy of Life ” is perfectly suited as a decoration to be stood as a decoration. A beautiful gift for every occasion which says more than a thousand words. This angel of joy lifts our souls and...
ab €28.54
Bronze Figure “Engel Of Contentment” (2-116102) Bronze Figure “Engel Of Contentment”
This bronze figure “ Angel of Contentment ” is perfectly suited as a decoration to be stood as a decoration. A beautiful gift for every occasion which says more than a thousand words. The angel of contentment accompanies you over the...
ab €42.96
Bronze Touch Stone “All The Love In The World” (2-1187960) Bronze Touch Stone “All The Love In The World”
This perfect little something ready to be given as a gift – This touch stone “ All the Love in the World ” made of bronze. A touch stone is small and fits into any jacket pocket. In this way, you’ve always got an angel, a cross or an...
ab €5.55
Porcelain Figure Porcelain Figure "Angel with Star"
This 5.5 x 6 x 3cm large angel captivates with its clear design in classic white. It has been crafted from robust porcelain and is delivered in foil with a pendant. Artist Kerstin Stark brought this aesthetic product to life. It its...
ab €7.50 €7.90 *

Touch Stones made of Wood, Stone or Bronze

Touch stones are something really quite special. They fit into any pocket and by touching their rounded shape and smooth surfaces they impart a pleasant feeling. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find a selection of touch stones in different shapes and sizes made of wood, metal or stone. By virtue of their size, they make for perfect companions at all times. Their symbols show you that God is always by your side. Choose yours and enjoy them for yourself of pass the joy onto others!

Order Touch Stones made of Bronze, Stone and Wood

Touch stones are lovely, everyday companions which aren’t only popular among Christians. They're a little talisman which can be carried along in your pocket and is pleasant to the touch and invites you to play and relieve stress. From rounded touch stones made of stone to carved variations made of wood you'll find a wide selection of this popular product which can also makes for a wonderful gift idea for young and old.

Touch Stones made of Wood & More! A lovely Companion

Many love carrying a talisman along and enjoying the sensation of having a good-luck charm in their proximity. Touch stones are a popular variation of these companions. With their soft and rounded shape, there’s space for them in every jacket pocket. As Christian gifts crafted in shapes such as angels or medallions, the touch stones in the LOGO Online-Shop are more than just companions that are nice to the touch. With their symbolism, these decorative touch stones offer the chance to carry a guardian angel along with you and to sense the strength of God in every moment of daily life.  

Discover Variations of modern Touch Stones online

In LOGO's range you'll find touch stones made of bronze, wood and stone with the most popular motifs in the Christian Church. Discover, for example, the popular gift products with the following motifs:

• Christian Angels & Guardian Angels
• Ichthys (Jesus Fish, Fish Symbol)
• Short Mottos and Bible Verses
• Figures of the Virgin Mary

Alongside carrying them along as touch stones you can also use the small figures for other purposes. Hang them up as decoration in your home for example. This comes across particularly nicely as rounded stones and angel figures. With their lovingly drawn motifs the touch stones certainly make an attractive gift idea for children. Pass these on for Communion or Christmas for example, to make touch stones made of wood and other materials a life-long companion for the child.

Complement other Gift Ideas with lovely Touch Stones

At the core of the LOGO Online-Shop we have a wide selection of Christian gifts, with the calling to accompany you and those closest to you in your everyday lives and to beautify your homes. Alongside touch stones, browse through our Christian candles or buy a rosary to act as a touch stone or to wear as a necklace or bracelet. As well as this, you can buy your next cross or crucifix from us and choose from similarly diverse materials like the ones our touch stones are made of. Christian cards and reading round our selection of products off and give you the freedom to choose great gift ideas with a Christian background. In our Online-Shop you’ll find more Christian gifts with charm!