Pentecost - The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Understanding Pentecost and the Holy Ghost is made easy with the varied literature in the LOGO Online-Shop. This festival of 50 days following Easter is explained for children and its meaning gone into in much more depth for adults. The Holy Ghost prepares for its mission into the world!

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Necklace – Dove (UL5240) Necklace – Dove
Lovely necklace made of 925 sterling silver with dove pendant which is blended in white. The dove is the symbol of purity and for the Holy Spirit . The dove reminds us of two parts of the Bible. Firstly, Noah and the ark. Following the...
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Holy Water Basin “Dove” (FC2580) Holy Water Basin “Dove”
Golden Holy Water Basin with a dove motif.

Pentecost - The Descent of the Holy Spirit

The word "Pentecost" stems originally from Ancient Greek and means "fiftieth day". It refers to the celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit, also called the sending or pouring of the Holy Spirit. This is celebrated on the fiftieth day of the Easter cycle, so on the 49th day following Easter Sunday. This festival reaches back to an Act from the Apostles in the New Testament which tells us that the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and disciples as they gathered for the Jewish celebration of Shavuot ("The Feast of Weeks") in Jerusalem. In Christianity, this date is also regarded as the foundation of the Church. The celebration of Pentecost in this way was first mentioned in 130 AD.

For those looking to learn more about this celebration and the Holy Spirit, you'll find a wealth of literature surrounding these topics in the LOGO Online-Shop. You'll also find numerous books that children can learn about this Christian celebration following Easter with. As well as this, you'll receive inspirations about how to best spend Pentecost and Whit Monday together.

Experience Pentecost together

For Pentecost, we're celebrating one of the greatest festivals, the coming of the Holy Spirit and at the same time the end of Easter. During this festival it's often the case that those who are less often in the Church come to attend for their own personal reasons. On this day, Church services are well attended. Young and old gather, meet and celebrate together. You'll find ideas and inspirations for organising your Pentecost service in a holistically appealing way from the LOGO Online-Shop. Our literature helps to make sermons more understandable and gives the congregation a tangible impression of the Holy Spirit. Common but difficult to understand texts are put in the focus and laid out in a way that's easy to understand.

We offer a range of age-appropriate textbooks for children who are having a religious upbringing as well as for children's Church services. Questions like "Is the Holy spirit a ghost? What is Pentecost? And who founded the Church?" are answered.