Christian Calendars

Bible quotes, songs, prayers, nice lay-outs and lovely photos - that’s the „God’s Blessings“ calendar from LOGO. A variety of other wall calendars or book calendars from our partner publishing houses enriches our range.

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Gift bag with clip (LO0507) Gift bag with clip
Decorative , practical and well suited for small gifts and for Advent calendar surprises. With a decorative clip the gift bag is closed and the greetings can be written on the free back. Dimensions paper bag: approx. 18 × 22 × 5 cm,...
ab €0.65
Gift bag with clip (LO0508) Gift bag with clip
Decorative, practical and well suited for small gifts and for Advent calendar surprises. With a decorative sticker the gift bag is closed and the greetings can be written on the free back side Dimensions paper bag: approx. 18 × 22 × 5...
Content 12 Stück (€0.05 * / 1 Stück)
ab €0.65
Paper Cutting Advent Calendar (CO92935) Paper Cutting Advent Calendar
Advent calendar made of high-quality paper cut. The intricate motif is made up of a wintery forest landscape with a number of angels and animals . The motif itself is in white and is brought to life by the red background. The small doors...
24 gift bags for advent calendar (RP0002) 24 gift bags for advent calendar
In the Advent season we go full of joy towards Christmas. Advent calendars help to brighten up this time. In this set you will find gift bags in two sizes with 24 number stickers , which you can equip yourself. Whether as an Advent...
€3.99 €9.99 *
Advent garland with little bag made of textile (RP0191) Advent garland with little bag made of textile
We Christians experience the Advent season, as the time of expectation. This perpetual Advent calendar consists of fabric bags with numbers from 1 - 24 , which you decoratively attach to a cord with small clothespins. Every year you can...
€9.99 €19.90 *

Christian Calendars with Bible Quotes and religious Texts

In the LOGO Online-Shop’s range you’ll find a huge selection of calendars with lovely and tasteful photos, Bible quotes or other reflective texts chosen with care to accompany you throughout your year. Choose between desk calendars, wall calendars, postcard calendars, appointment calendars or book calendars. They inspire, remind and give renewed impetus every day to organise things according to your Christian values.

Christian Calendars - Eye-catchers with Mottos, Image Motifs and more

In everyday life a calendar can’t be done without and they’re important displays of the days, weeks and months. As Christian calendars, the lovingly designed products also offer additional components like mottoes, quotes from the Bible or images which enrich daily Christian life. In the LOGO Online-Shop, we complement our Christian cards, books and more with a variety of religious calendars which make for great gift ideas for those closest to you and for your congregation members.

Christian Calendars - More than just a Place to Count down the Days

Every Christian calendar in our range offers you the functionality of a conventional calendar by displaying the current date. Here, you can choose between large calendars with month- or week overviews as well as day calendars with a daily tab to be torn off. In all their variations, these calendars invite you to contemplate with their mottos from the Bible or from renowned theologians. Topics surrounding the Christian faith are picked up upon here just as much as current topics from modern life.

Alongside their fundamental function, Christian calendars are also just as commonly chose as an artistic decoration and furnishing. Predominantly it’s lovingly selected picture motifs of landscapes through to depictions of religious icons which make Christian calendars such lovely eye-catchers. Together with Christian candles and similar, decorative products, the calendars invite you to have an atmospheric layout at home.

Special Calendars surrounding the Christian faith

Alongside the classic types of calendar in the LOGO Online-Shop, you’ll find a lovely selection of special formats as Christian calendars. Particularly around Christmas and Advent, putting or hanging up lovely advent calendars as eye-catchers for big and small is very popular. Behind the individual doors of the calendar there are picture motifs or mottos which awaken the joyful anticipation ahead of Christmas.

An equally popular choice is the Lent calendar which you can bridge the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter with. Modern calendars don’t only help to better persevere with this time of relinquishment. As special Christian calendars, these reveal more about the tradition of fasting or even offer some recipes for a wonderful break of your fast.

Connect Christian Calendars with attractive Extras

It’s definitely worth having a look at the huge range of calendars at LOGO for particularly special gift ideas. You’ll certainly find fitting Christian calendars for every age group and every occasion which awake the joy of giving. With a post card calendar as an alternative to simple wall calendars and table calendars, you can be sure that the recipient will be able to share in the joy as well.

With their loving drawings and picture motifs some of our Christian calendars are especially designed for children. Often these calendars are hung up in children’s rooms to impart the message of the Christian faith with mottos and picture motifs. Different Christian calendars also make for lovely gift ideas at Christmas time, for a child’s birthday.

Discover Christian Calendars in many Variations

As one of the most popular gift products in the LOGO Online-Shop bar none, you’ll find a huge selection of calendars at attractive price with us. Order Christian calendars in these formats for example:

• Calendars with prayers for children
• Hanging calendars with picture motifs
• Standing calendars for Lent and more
• Picture- and music calendars

With these and other ideas about calendar design, Christian calendars don’t just put your own faith in the spotlight. Get excited by the creative selection on offer and discover the fitting calendar for every occasion and everyone! Even without a big religious background, lots of people will be thrilled by the decorative calendars from this category by LOGO.

Compliment Calendars with other Christian Gift Ideas

Calendars are one of the most popular presents bar none, regardless of the selection of Christian motifs or mottos. Particularly at Advent or Christmas time, calendars are a lovely gift to begin the New Year with. In LOGO’s range with a wide selection of calendars, we’ll show you how you can thrill both children and adults with pictures and mottos. From the office to the kitchen to big calendars for community or congregation centres, make the right choice for any environment!

Naturally, you can complement Christian calendars with other small thoughtful gifts from our range. Gift key chains with Christian symbols for birthdays, Christmas or other occasions or make the most of Christian books about a number of interesting topics. Of course, you can also purchase the classics from us such as the Bible - for private reading, for organising Church services, for schools and many more occasions!