Gifts for Easter

Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection. Celebrate from the Easter Vigil through to Easter Monday and the rest of the whole Easter festival with your congregation! Discover candles and books at great prices for this joyous event in the Church Year from LOGO!

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Candle Drip Guards Card 5 cm (999988) Candle Drip Guards Card 5 cm
This drip guard made of card which catches drops of wax is suitable for candles with a diameter of approx. 66 mm. Therefore it’s perfectly suited for Easter and Christmas candles.
Easter Candle A & O Small (851002) Easter Candle A & O Small
These small candles with a motif of Alpha and Omega are true classics for Easter Church services. A fitting candle for Easter and Easter Church services . The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are symbols of Christ. The letter Alpha is the...
ab €0.55
Candle A & O Small (852029) Candle A & O Small
These small candles with a remastered motif of Alpha and Omega makes for a fitting little gesture to bring along for the Easter celebrations and can naturally be used for Easter Church services. A burning time of approx. 11 hours and...
ab €1.85
Candle Tree of Life (851301) Candle Tree of Life
These lovely candles with the “ tree of life ” motif represents a symbol of hope . If we are like the trees, rooted in faith , then our lives will be fruitful. The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made...
ab €3.59
Easter Candle New Life (852043) Easter Candle New Life
These Easter candles entitled “new life” are wonderfully suited for Easter Celebrations and Easter Church services . The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet. Much like the letters A and Ω...
ab €3.59
Easter Candle Christ is Risen (880392) Easter Candle Christ is Risen
This Easter Candle entitled “Christ is Risen” is wonderfully suited for Easter celebrations and Easter Church services. The letters Alpha and Omega are symbols of Christ. The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters...
Cuddly Bunny (UL1103) Cuddly Bunny
With this cute and cuddly toy everyone can snuggle and sleep tightly. You don’t need to worry about squeezing this bunny . Its fur is made of 100% polyester and is extremely soft and can be easily washed by hand at 30°C. Delivered in an...
ab €12.85
Lighting Moment – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci (BB4805) Lighting Moment – The Last Supper by Leonardo...
This candle produced in high-quality captivates us with a beautiful motif and can be used for a number of occasions and uses . In this way, this unique piece can become a decorative element part of the table décor or made a wonderful...
ab €4.55
Easter Serviettes (AM6548) Easter Serviettes
A pack of Christian serviettes which add a truly colourful note to meal tables and coffee circles during the Easter festivities. The serviettes are decorated with a colourful Easter egg motif and are a wonderful little detail for...
ab €1.89
Easter Egg Candles (Mixed) (LO0220) Easter Egg Candles (Mixed)
Colourfully get into the Easter spirit! These beautiful egg candles make for a real eye-catcher on wonderfully laid tables at meals together , as a décor gift idea or for your own home. The egg candles are available in five appealing...
Wind protection cup transparent for 60 x 50 mm candles (LO0335) Wind protection cup transparent for 60 x 50 mm...
Plastic wind protection cup in 60 x 50 mm size, suitable for candles of 6 x 5 cm size and tea lights.
ab €0.15
Stand Decoration Bunny with Bow (LO0390) Stand Decoration Bunny with Bow
Der Osterhase ist ein Freudenüberbringer für Jung und Alt. Er ist ein genialer Türöffner für die Auferstehungsfreude und die Botschaft: Frohe Ostern! Dieser Holzhase eignet sich perfekt zur Dekoration oder als kleines Mitbringsel zum...
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Easter Gifts and small Gift Ideas for Easter

In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find numerous ideas all about Easter for young and young at heart. Easter is the highest of celebrations in the Christian Church Year. The Easter festivities begin on the Easter Vigil. Often, we send cards with Easter greetings to loved ones and congregation members. For children, there are small gifts and traditionally the lighting of candles with the markings A & O can't be done without. Naturally we're here to help you find exactly what you need for Easter time.

Discover creative Gift Ideas for Easter in the LOGO Online-Shop

Before Christmas, Easter is the most important Christian festival bar none. It is celebrated by Catholics and Protestants all around the globe and reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection on the third day. Next to the birth of the Saviour, this is a festive event in the life of the Son of God. Because of this, small Easter gifts are given to children and adults alike. Here at LOGO we invite you to discover various gift ideas for Easter and to give these to friends and family as a truly special something.

Easter and its Meaning in Christianity

Easter is celebrated every year as a festival for the Passion and Hope of the Saviour. In the weeks running up to Holy Week the Passion of the Christ is commemorated in Church services. This reaches its pinnacle on Good Friday on which the Son of God died on the cross and was buried before the divine miracle on the Holy Night of Easter when Jesus rose again. The Resurrection is one of the core pieces of tradition in Christianity and shows that the strength and love of God is more powerful than death itself.

Why are Easter Gifts given at all?

Where the tradition of Christmas presents goes back to the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh from the three Wise Men, Easter gifts have a different meaning. Firstly, Easter is traditionally held as a celebration of the resurrection and so, small gifts have been shared with members of Christian communities over the last centuries. Secondly, Easter traditions overlap with pagan Spring festivals which have brought with them many customs and Easter gifts, from the Easter egg to Easter Lamb. While chocolate and eggs as Easter gifts for children are popular, the LOGO Online-Shop also has attractive gift ideas and inspirations for experiencing Easter as an adult.

Gifts for Easter - Different Types of Gifts and their Meanings

LOGO has gifts for Easter in a whole variety of shapes, sizes and types. Here, items like Easter candles for example, touch upon the tradition in Christianity and help with the organisation of Easter Church Services and help to celebrate Easter in a dignified way. Other gifts such as Christian books are well suited as Easter presents and for other occasions. For example, as a birthday present or as an idea for Christmas.

In the case of literature as an Easter gift, the Crucifixion and the Passion of Christ is often subject of discussion. Books surrounding this topic show what can be learnt from the life and passion of Christ 2000 years later and how this shapes Christian life today. Easter gifts don't just serve devotional objects. Books and other Easter gifts for children in particular present Easter as a joyous festival with the resurrection of the Lord and the overcoming of death at its heart. Browsing through this category you'll certainly find gifts ideas for Easter which will satisfy every generation and preference.

Discover and Order small Easter Gifts in the LOGO Online-Shop

Even if gifts for Easter among adults aren't quite as straight forward as gifts for Christmas, you'll certainly find fitting, thoughtful gifts for your next Easter celebration from LOGO. Whether books, candles or cards for friends, family or colleagues - the LOGO Online-Shop offers gifts for Easter in a huge variety. For example, popular titles and items that you can order from LOGO for Easter are:

• Candle Jars and Holders with "A & O" imprints
• Childrens' books about Jesus' Death and Resurrection
• Colourful Easter and Spring Cards
• Easter and Lent explained for Children

Cards are particularly popular gift ideas for Easter which can be sent from afar. With cards like these it's clear that you've thought about the other person and want to send a special Spring greeting to but a handful of households. Easily select cards and other Easter gifts online and make the most of our great prices to spread some joy and hope not only through the Story of Easter after the cold Winter Time.

Discover Easter Gifts for Children and Adults from LOGO

The gifts for Easter in the LOGO Online-Shop aren't just great inspirations for private occasions. With our gift ideas for Easter you'll be able to enrich your congregational work and to spread joy to all Church service visitors with an affectionately designed card. Discover for yourself how many low-priced products are waiting for you from LOGO and can be ordered as lovely Easter gifts individually or in larger orders.

We accompany our variety of traditional and modern Easter presents with a broad selection of small presents for all throughout the Church Year. Whether gifts for Confirmation or lovely gifts for Baptisms for children and parents, you'll find interesting books and high-quality keepsakes for life. Take advantage of our range and pick gifts for the Spring following the Easter festivities!