Gifts that help

Pass on joy, love, comfort, protection and symbols of blessings with a real-world impact! By purchasing these products you’re supporting institutions such as Bethel, the Trossingen Pasta House as well as Heinrich Haus in Neuwied, Germany.

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Hand Cross (820043) Hand Cross
People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel . In Bethel’s various institutions more than 100,000 ill people, people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people are personally...
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Atmospheric Lights Heart Lighting (840152) Atmospheric Lights Heart Lighting
Atmospheric lights made of veneered wood , wonderfully coloured. Tea light glass included but no tea light. Our hand crosses are produced in the workshops in Bethel. These are specially produced products in high-quality and are just as...
Atmospheric Light “Way of St. James” (840157) Atmospheric Light “Way of St. James”
A beautiful tea light made of oiled veneered wood . Contains a tea light glass but no tea light. People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel. In Bethel’s various institutions more...
Pot Scouring Brush Multi-coloured (HH1006) Pot Scouring Brush Multi-coloured
This pot scouring brush with colourful, synthetic filament cleans pots and pans without issue . With its ergonomic shape the pot scouring brush sits well in the hand and the arrangement of the bristles removed even stubborn dirt with...
Vegetable Brush (HH0120) Vegetable Brush
This handy vegetable brush with fibre/union filament cleans vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and beetroot in no time . With its divided filament for stubborn and lighter cleaning , this brush makes for an ideal helper in the kitchen....
Pastry Brush (HH1601) Pastry Brush
This pastry brush with a high-quality pig bristles helps while quickly and accurately applying glazes, butters and oils. Dimensions: 16 x 2.5 cm Filament Length: 7.5 cm These wooden products are crafted by Heinrich-Haus in Neuwied in the...
Children’s Broom Set Multi-coloured (HH0075) Children’s Broom Set Multi-coloured
1. Child’s hand brush This child’s hand brush with colourful filament is ideal for children’s hands. Robust, long lasting and prefect for playing in the garden. Dimensions: 24 x 7 cm Filament length: 6 cm 2. Child’s broom Colourful, easy...
Dishwashing Brush (HH2001) Dishwashing Brush
This dishwashing brush with fibre filament removes even stubborn dirt in pots and pans. The natural materials make the dish washing brush a long lasting and environmentally friendly helper in your kitchen. Dimensions: 24 x 4 cm Filament...
Child’s Broom Multi-Coloured (HH0140) Child’s Broom Multi-Coloured
Colourful, easy to hold, and lovingly produced. Perfect for children’s hands. This child’s broom with a synthetic filament is perfect for lots of garden fun. Dimensions: 77.5 x 4 x 17 cm Filament length: 6 cm These wooden products are...
Child’s Hand Brush “Multi-Coloured” (HH0240) Child’s Hand Brush “Multi-Coloured”
This child’s hand brush with synthetic filament is ideal for children’s hands, long-lasting and perfect for tonnes of fun in the garden . Dimensions: 24 x 7 cm Filament length: 6 cm These wooden products are crafted by Heinrich-Haus in...
Colourful Garden Tools Set for Children, 3 Piece Set (HH6081) Colourful Garden Tools Set for Children, 3...
Our colourful garden tools set will make your kids the coolest on the playground or at the beach! Garden Set made up of: 1x Child’s spade 1x Child’s rake 1x Sand trowel The garden tool set is delivered in mixed colour combinations ....
Child’s Rake (HH3472) Child’s Rake
Ideal for children’s hands, made of powder-coated metal, abrasion- and corrosion resistant. Free of lead and cadmium. This product has been checked by TÜV / CE Length: 70cm, with 7 teeth Colours: red, yellow, blue, green - Dispatch of...
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Gifts with a huge Impact

It doesn’t always have to be an oversized gift if you want to show someone that you’re thinking of them. Most often, the material value doesn’t matter but rather the imparted inner value. With the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll find lots of smaller things which you can gift joy, comfort, protection and symbols of blessings with. Put simply, you can pass on gifts with a huge impact! Particularly those who are perhaps in a hospital bed and therefore can’t take part in everyday life or events within the congregation are always made particularly happy by a few nice words or a gift that offers comfort. Show your sympathy and compassion and offer condolence.

Candles and candle holders are very popular. The recipient can light the candle on their bedside table and the light instantly casts worries and fears away and warms the heart. Whether it’s a candle in the shape of a heart or a candle holder as a guardian angel, you can show your connectedness even when you can’t be there and offer comforting words.

The mood lights, crafted from oiled veneer wood, give a particularly comforting ambience. These are available as hearts or with the motto „The Way of St. James“.

Gifts that help

For those who can’t be there in person, they often send an angel as a gift as they accompany one and all. Not only for Christmas, but the whole year round they act as a symbol of protection, companionship, comfort and hope. The angels from the LOGO Online-Shop are messengers of God and messengers of life. Precisely in the vein that „God commanded his angels to protect you wherever you go“ the wooden angel in the form of touch stones or pendants are supposed to be a symbol for personal experiences and the accompaniment of God through our lives. In combination with a lovely greetings card, little gifts like these can work wonders. For a friend, family member or colleague, the variety and compassionate words bring a smile to everyone's face even when someone’s been knocked out of action.