Presents for Mother's Day

We should be thankful to our parents the whole year round for their effort and love. We think of our mums in particular on Mother's Day. Often, we go out of our way to put a smile on their faces on their special day with a lovely gift.

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Wooden Spoon (UL7133) Wooden Spoon
For you from the heart! – A lovely wooden spoon with a small gift card containing a German recipe for pita bread in a biblical style and space to write who the gift is from. The recipe and card are in German A great gift idea – fitting...
ab €5.85
Bronze Figure “Your Guardian Angel” (2-116092) Bronze Figure “Your Guardian Angel”
This bronze figure “ Your Guardian Angel ” is perfectly suited as a decoration to be stood as a decoration. A beautiful gift for every occasion which says more than a thousand words. Angels are God’s messengers and a powerful companion....
ab €26.54
Shopping Trolley Helper Shopping Trolley Helper "Lucky"
A useful little helper for every shopping trip. This small and narrow shopping trolley helper has one rounded edge in the shape of a chip / coin. Thanks to this it can be used to unlock standard trolley. You no longer need to keep spare...

Mother's Day: Order festive and heartfelt Gifts from the LOGO Online-Shop

Mother's Day is celebrated at slightly different times of year all around the world but regardless of where you are it's one of the warmest family celebrations bar none. Mother's Day doesn't have any expressly religious routes, nonetheless it is typical for mothers to be celebrated in Church services on Mother's Day and for the role of the God Mother to be highlighted. If you're looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day and want to pass something affectionate and charming on to your loved ones, religious gifts are a wonderful choice. As a Christian Online-Shop, LOGO offers an attractive range to choose from which naturally also includes Father's Day presents.

Mother's Day and its religious Traditions

Honouring your mother and giving her something for Mother's Day doesn't have a particularly long tradition in the Catholic or Protestant Church. As we understand it in modern society, giving Mother's Day presents such as books or flowers has only been prevalent since the end of the 19th century. The custom has its roots in the United States of America.

Having said this, in many regions it is common to combine a present for Mother's Day with a religious message. By honouring your mother and father according to the Ten Commandments in line with great importance of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ, a connection to the Christian faith is established. Similarly, to presents for new arrivals which can be celebrated as a more general occasion, gift ideas for Mother's Day with a Christian note have been popular for decades.

Fitting Mother's Day Presents for every Generation

Here, you'll benefit from LOGO's large selection comparable to our Christian Birthday presents or other more general events. Discover in this category some of the following atmospheric products to thrill your mother:

• Gift Bags with affectionate contents
• Christian Candles and Tea Lights
• Motif Images with lovely mottos
• Angel Figures and touch stones

On these truly special Mother's Days, express your love and closeness to your mother and give her a small gift which will become a true life companion. Unlike our Christian Christmas presents or gifts for Easter there isn't any particularly seasonal reference with regards to out Mother's Day gifts. Have a look at our books and poetry collections with Christian content as well and give your mother a unique piece of reading!

Purchase Mother's Day Gifts and more in the LOGO Online-Shop

From LOGO you'll find the fitting devotionals for Church services on Mother's Day. Of course, this is also the case for the whole Church Year so that you can give gifts for Mother's Day or other festivals and celebrations to family and your congregation members. Christian cards or figures make for equally good Mother's Day gifts which you can order easily and at an attractive price in our Online-Shop. You'll certainly find Easter gifts, thoughtful presents for Valentine's Day and other ideas from LOGO which will excite you and those close to you the whole year round.